Tour Operator Backoffice

We offer tour operators an advanced Tour Operator Backoffice that assists in managing complex back-office operations in terms of improving overall business profitability and efficiency.

What is Tour Operator Backoffice?


Tour Operator Backoffice is a collection of cutting-edge tools that enable you to create your own travel business rules, automate processes, and manage your workflow. You can manage your inventory, customers, supplier accounts, and everything on one platform with the help of a tour operator back office tool.

You will be able to manage your business more efficiently, fully administrate, and control your operations by automating all processes within your travel business, no matter what your profile is (Travel Agent, Corporate Travel, Tour Operators, DMCs, Wholesalers, etc).

You can manage real-time bookings, create and manage client and supplier profiles, define and manage markups, business rules, and various payment methods, generate invoices, and run reports.

A Tour Operator Backoffice is designed specifically for tour operators, allowing you to automate routine administrative tasks and manage your travel functions on a unified platform. It provides a consolidated view of your business, saving you the hassle of switching tabs and manually entering/updating data all the time.

With the help of this application, you can manage your inventory, customers, supplier’s account, etc on one platform. Overall, this Travel Agency Back office System will increase the profitability of your business.

A back office system is a software that any travel company can use to manage the online booking portal. The travel back office system is integrated with booking engines and other important tools that are used to efficiently manage day-to-day business operations.

Product features include unified excellence & handling of bookings from numerous points of sale channels (B2B, B2C & B2E), built-in customer relationship management, user-friendly online booking ticket for reservation processing, real-time supplier connectivity, detailed business process management platform, integration with third-party tools, end-to-end automation, auto-invoicing, etc.

Why do tour operators need Tour Operator Backoffice?

To be successful in the travel industry, you must have a robust and highly efficient Back Office travel solution. It's the backbone of any organization.

The overall expenses and complexity of travel companies typically fall on operational functions such as booking management, reservation management, accounting, reconciliation, credit control, and customer support. The back-office collects and organizes booking data, and reservation data, and synchronizes all of your back-office systems.

Having a customized back office system is as important as having an effective front office system. Developing a travel agency back-office system will handle all back-office tasks seamlessly.

This software streamlines the admin tasks of your office, collects bookings, and incorporates the entire workflow, so you don't have to worry about the management end of the view. In the meanwhile, you can concentrate on what matters most: providing the best possible customer service, keeping costs low, and allowing your business exceptional.

The back office system includes the software that a business utilizes to manage the online platform. Back-office workflows such as order control, billing, account management, etc. can significantly improve overall enterprise productivity and customer satisfaction.

On the same platform, a travel back-office system will operate within the travel agency and with the agency agent network. Comprehensive integration with your B2C website to manage pre- and post-booking operations, as well as perform B2B-related access and required operational activities via travel back office solution.

We are the leading travel software development company, offering more effective and customizable back office software to assist businesses with operational challenges related to the sales and distribution of flights, hotels, and other travel products.

We offer effective back-office systems for online travel agencies that enable real-time inventory and group travel, create packages, manage customers and travel agents, fully optimize your sales process, improve ordering services, manage accounts and gain full insight into your travel business.

Our back office system is the ideal solution for the travel industry, designed specifically for travel managers as a reporting tool and for travel agents as the most convenient way to work on daily operations. The solution manages customer and supplier databases and profiles.

With our back-office software, you can significantly reduce your overhead cost and eliminate costly human errors and enhance your overall profitability. Our back-office system solution works seamlessly across web and mobile devices, allowing you to access all aspects of your travel business while on the go.

Who provides the Best Tour Operator Backoffice Solutions?

If you're looking for back-office software to manage your back-office functions, our back-office system is the best option!

Once implemented, we design back-office tools to manage all of your common activities while maintaining the integrity of your work.

Our back-office solution includes several features that allow you to securely manage your business, reduce overall costs and effort, and boost employee productivity and efficiency.

Comprehensive and integrated cloud back-office system that allows day-to-day management of travel agency operations. We provide compelling and scalable Travel Back Office solutions to meet the needs of any business in the travel industry.

With our back-office system, you can manage all of your business rules based on predefined criteria and automate time-consuming routine tasks. It also aids in business monitoring through automatic accounting reconciliation and BI reports.

Our back-office solution is compatible with both web and mobile devices, allowing you to manage your business from anywhere. It is 100% cloud-based which means all your data is stored securely online and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Our web-based back office system handles

  • Define your catalog - enter all of your products (accommodation, packages, entrance tickets, excursions, and other activities, transfers, car rental, vessels, cruises...), and design complex travel packages or groups
  • Tour management – create excursions by entering input services and easily define market value
  • Automated supplier ordering – communication with your suppliers is fully automated
  • Online reservations B2C - publish your travel products online
  • Partner booking (B2B) - make it easier for your travel agents to book, download invoices, create vouchers, and so on.
  • Reservation management – create a booking, enter customers, track payments
  • Document creation – create invoices, vouchers, receipts
  • Finances and Accounting - complete receivable and payable management
  • Reports – get greater insight into your tour operator business and find vital spots
  • How our Tour Operator Backoffice is ideal for your agency?

    Helps you manage all your bookings in one place

    Managing bookings is one of the most difficult tasks for a travel agency, especially when booking in multiple systems. When you use multiple booking systems, your booking data is dispersed, and you must cut and paste details from various sources into spreadsheets every day.

    This procedure is highly time-consuming and can lead to delays in invoicing and voucher generation. It also leaves a lot of room for error.

    This is made easier by our back-office system, which allows you to consolidate and manage all of your bookings from a single interface. It allows you to import bookings from third-party systems (if they provide an API) or manually enter booking data into the system.

    Provides a 360° view of your business

    As an agency owner, you must understand how your company is performing to make better decisions and steer it in the right direction. Our back-office system assists you in accomplishing this through detailed BI reports.

    The system provides access to a wide range of reports that will assist you in tracking your inquiries, quotes, bookings, revenue, and profitability. Booking reports can be accessed by supplier and business type (flight, hotel, activity, etc).

    The system provides all the reports in a graphical interface, in addition to a standard tabular form for easy understanding.

    Integrates with your existing systems

    Our back-office can incorporate your emerging booking tool, CRM, or accounting system and pull/push data via APIs. Larger agencies with their databases/legacy systems can also benefit from this. This adaptability allows you to expand your technological capabilities while maintaining your existing IT investments.

    Allows you to maximize your revenue

    As a travel agency owner, you need to maximize your revenue by controlling supplier pricing. Doing this process for your entire inventory is extremely time-consuming and prone to errors. You require a solution that can automatically adjust pricing in real-time based on pre-defined criteria.

    That is precisely what our back-office solution enables you to do. It gives the option to adjust your pricing for different channels to maximize your revenue potential.

    You only need to define the markups once, either as a fixed amount or as a percentage, and the system will apply them automatically on every search and booking. You can set individual markups for various services such as flights, hotels, activities, car rentals, and so on.

    It takes care of multiple areas of your business

    With our back-office system, you can say goodbye to hopping between multiple screens. It combines all of the features you require, such as pricing, quotations, booking, and accounting, into a single platform.

    Furthermore, it offers a unified interface for web and mobile transactions. This saves you a lot of time that you can put toward doing what you do best and increasing revenue for your agency.

    As you can see, our back-office solution includes a plethora of features that make it easier to manage your business seamlessly, eliminate unnecessary effort and cost, and boost staff productivity and efficiency.

    Our Tour Operator Backoffice Features

    • In-built CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    • Various bookings management system
    • Travel front desk interface
    • Third-party integrations
    • Bookings are managed using a centralized booking system.
    • Markups for various sales channels
    • Various payment options
    • Centralized processing and settlement of multiple source bookings
    • MIS and analytical reports to gain an operational view
    • GDS integration
    • Modules designed specifically for travel-related services such as hotel and car rental
    • Comprehensive admin panel for business process management
    • Define commissions and markups for various sales channels.
    • Supplier connectivity in real time
    • Direct access to negotiated inventories
    • Complete automation
    • Automatic invoice and voucher creation
    If you are searching for Tour Operator Backoffice to manage all of your daily operations to save time and increase flexibility, please feel free to contact us.